AP Human Geography - Brookwood High School Ms. Blankenship

Advanced Placement Testing Information for Brookwood High School Students

We recognize that all of you are fully engaged in preparing for your upcoming AP exam, but please take time to read the following information.

It is important that all students follow the testing procedures outlined by the CollegeBoard.

Please do not hesitate to contact any AP teacher, or Kristen Fowler if you have any questions.

Students can also come by the Testing Office (A114) with questions.

Arrive no later than 6:45 for morning exams. You will register in the Gold Gym Lobby.

DO NOT BE LATE.  Set multiple alarms. Once we have begun testing, you cannot enter the testing room.


What You Should Bring to the Exam Room

· Social Security Number

· Several sharpened No. 2 pencils with erasers (We do NOT provide students with pens or pencils)

· Pens with black or dark-blue ink

· A watch

· Valid photo ID

· A snack (Before testing, during break, and/or after testing) Gentlemen - please bring waters ahead of time, ladies please bring snacks ahead of time.

· A lunch if you have two tests on the same day


What you MUST NOT Bring to the Exam Room

· Cell Phones (will be collected), digital cameras, Smartphone’s, MP3 Players, or any electronic or communication device

· Books, compasses, mechanical pencils, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, notes or colored pencils

· Scratch paper

· Reference guides, keyboard map, or other typing instructions

· Watches that beep or have an alarm

· Food or Drink (not allowed in exam room, but can be consumed before or after exam in general area) See above!

· Clothing with subject related information (It will be warm in the Gold Gym, so dress for warm weather, but dress appropriately.)


Standby Exams: If a student wants to come to registration and see if a tester doesn’t show, they can do so. They need to bring a blank check made payable to Brookwood High School and we will determine the charge (regular fees apply, plus a $13 late fee).